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Grupo Geyser began operations in 2000 in Monterrey, Mexico, specializing in the processing and/or manufacturing of PET Bottles, PET Preforms (Blanks), Container Machining, & CNC Machining (CNC Cutters & CNC Lathes).

      • 2000: Grupo Geyser begins bottling purified water
      • 2003: The company ventures into the manufacturing & commercialization of PET Containers.
      • 2004: The company decides to strengthen its R&D area, thus achieving important technological advances like: PET Containers, BOPP Labeling, Filling & Molding Machines.
      • 2007: Grupo Geyser obtains ISO9001-2000 certification.
      • 2009: The company ventures into PET Preform injection, introducing innovative designs which offer a competitive edge to our clients.
      • 2010: Grupo Geyser begins offering its CNC Machining (CNC Cutting & CNC Lathing).
      • 2011: Having introduced PET Preform injection & with eyes on new development opportunities, the company moves its operation to a plant with a larger capacity.
      • 2012: On this year, Grupo Geyser offers its Maquila services to its clients (liquid filling).
      • 2012: Grupo Geyser is again certified with the ISO9001-2008 norm.

To offer integrated & effective container solutions, while ensuring our customers a strong competitive advantage through the innovation & quality of our products, high-tech development methods, the constant betterment of our processes & employee development.


To be the leader in PET Container & PET Preform  production in the Americas, by way of constant improvement in the R&D of our products & processes; in this way achieving a strong profitability and growth potential for our organization.

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