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Grupo Geyser, a proudly Mexican Enterprise is dedicated to the manufacture & distribution of PET Bottles, PET Preforms (Blanks), Liquid Filling services, CNC Machining, Caps (lids) & Handle.

Our processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified & our products are F.D.A. approved.


We offer a great variety of gram weights. From 8 grams: which produce eco-friendly containers that save our customers’ money, to 90 gram containers that fall within a range of capacities from 60 milliliters to 10 liters.

We use unique technology, along with a great tech-capacity to design containers with lower gram weights that offer the same resistance, and that are F.D.A. approved.
Our response times are immediate, thanks to our high production capacity and quality trained personnel.
We compliment our services by labeling your containers from a minimum fabricated amount of 25,000 units.




We have created over 200 personal designs for our customers, which guarantees them their individuallity and originallity in their own bottles..

Our desing team offers our customers the best assesment on what type of bottle is best for their needs.

We make our blowing molds according to each of our customers needs.

  We also have a wide variety of generic desings that can be complemented with our BOPP labeling service.
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