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Our company is a dynamic organization, with an innovative capacity that can adapt to constant change quickly, as well as meet the requirements of our clientele.


To completely satisfy our client’s expectations as far as customer service, quality and personalized attention so that you can make our company your best available option. We meet 100% of our commitments: from new mold delivery times, to the delivery date of your finished product. This is our standard quality policy which offers our clients a maximum level of certainty and reliability.


Geyser has proven to be a trustworthy company, supporting us since the very beginning. They have excellent service, quality and reliable delivery times.

TresG Foods



Geyser is a reliable company that gives us peace-of-mind because of their commitment to service and quality.

Blanquita Purified Water




Geyser is a very dynamic company which has catered integrated solutions that fully meet our needs.





Geyser is a company with great potential… flexible to your necessities and requirements and with a constant interest in bettering their quality standards.

Goncal Chemical


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